*You should not expect to receive the exact results mentioned on this website. The statements on this page are only what Mike and some other people have experienced. Every person is different.
You will experience your own unique results with this natural pain & inflammation remedy.

*You should not expect to receive the exact results mentioned on this website. The statements on this page are only what Mike and some other people have experienced. Every person is different.
You will experience your own unique results with this natural pain & inflammation remedy.
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Looking For A Safe And Effective Alternative To Get Rid Of Hip Bursitis Pain?

You Shouldn't Have To Worry About Dangerous Risks And Side Effects To Your Stomach, Liver, Heart, And Kidneys!

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From: Mike, Former Pain Sufferer
Re: End Hip Bursitis Pain...You Can Do It!

Dear Hip Bursitis Sufferer,

First, let me welcome you to my website. I know your time is valuable and I thank you for lending me a few minutes of it.

Some of you may know me from back relief elite where I talked about my awful struggles with back pain (sciatica and spinal stenosis in particular). I told you how I once took 35 minutes to put on a pair of pants. I know this is hard to believe but it's true. If you've ever had really bad back pain, you know how debilitating it can be.

Those who know me, know my story. If you are new, it is nice to meet you. I'll share with you my story in just a minute. But first, let me assure you are going to be pain-free real soon from your bursitis. You don't believe me now but it's true. I'm going to show you exactly how to beat bursitis.

In just a few minutes from now I will have you completely convinced about 2 things:

1. Natural remedies are much better and safer than prescription meds or over-the-counter medications.

2. Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ will get rid of your hip bursitis pain and inflammation the right way.

In fact, I will have you so convinced you will want to dump out your medicine cabinet and kick yourself.

So how can I convince you? Well, first let me tell you a little about me and my own experience with natural remedies.


Former pain sufferer co-creator of Ultimate Bursitis Relief
Former Pain Sufferer

"Ultimate Bursitis Relief
is a wonderful safe solution for
hip bursitis pain."

natural relief and treatment for bursitis pain, a great bursitis remedy

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ For Hip Pain
Premium Remedy

Mike's Story

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a congential condition that compresses the nerves around the spinal cord due to a narrowing of the spinal column. So what does this have to do with bursitis you ask? Well, I'm getting there. This condition (spinal stenosis) left me very susceptible to herniated disks, and excruciatingly painful and debilitating back pain.

My doctor told me that I would be a prisoner to
my back pain forever.

He told me that I should probably get a desk job or something that would put very little stress on my back. He said my dreams of going on to be quarterback in the NFL would be over. Ok...maybe I said too much to my doctor. The point is, my doctor put limitations on what I could and could not do. He made it sound like I would be missing out on special things life had to offer all because of my bad back.

If you want to get rid of your back pain,
don't listen to your doctor!!!

If I did listen to my doctor, I know I would still be suffering from miserable back pain and confined to some lousy desk job. Instead, I did a lot of research on spinal stenosis and the human back in general. I went to spine seminars at hospitals. I read books, magazines, whatever I could get my hands on. I researched and tried prescription drugs, over-the counter-drugs, alternative remedies such as herbal products, and even acupuncture and aroma therapies. I wanted enough information and options at my fingertips so I could relieve my back pain forever.

Everything I tried to relieve my back pain
was a complete and utter failure!

It was a depressing time. Sure, I would get moderate relief for a short duration from certain products but nothing could offer me highly-effective, long-lasting, soothing relief to the point where my back pain was completely off my mind.

But...I could not give up!

I wasn't going to let this thing beat me and control my whole life. I had high ambitions and lofty goals in life. I didn't have time to be bogged down by a bad back. Everyone has a crutch in life and this was mine but I was determined to get rid of it.

It was about this time that I approached a long-time friend of mine named Jeff Brown who owns an online alternative remedy business. He is the creator of the incredibly successful sleep remedy called Great Night Sleep® (www.GreatNightSleep.com) which was the first ever natural maximum-strength natural sleep enhancer remedy to hit the market and in fact even to this day people swear by it and no other product even comes close to the Great Night Sleep®, and I'm not just saying that, it's the truth. Jeff is truly a natural remedy pioneer and he never makes a natural product unless he can make it extremely effective. Jeff's products have literally changed people's lives beyond belief. You should visit his sleep website later and read all of the amazing testimonials. They're pretty inspiring. But first let's get back to all about the product that will change your life: Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ for hip bursitis pain natural remedy...

Herbal remedies helped my back somewhat but they just didn't quite live up to my expectations. I couldn't understand why there wasn't a more powerful natural back pain remedy on the market. I wanted the most incredible back pain reliever imaginable!!!

I desperately needed something so amazingly effective that for the first time in years back pain would be the last thing on my mind.

So I went to Jeff and explained my dilemma. I told him that I've been searching my whole life for a real solution to my back pain...one that would "knock my socks off." I told Jeff that there was a market out there of people like me who are hopelessly searching for a way to relieve their back pain forever so they can retake control of their lives. Jeff saw the light and I started to see a possible solution for my back pain.

Jeff's company immediately devoted all of its time to creating a back relief solution. I worked very closely with Jeff and his engineering team during this time since I was practically an expert on herbal remedies myself. We played with different herbs and formula blends for several months without much luck. They were "great" formulas but not great enough to satisfy me.

Then one day Jeff handed me a few tablets of his latest creation. It looked about the same as all the other tablets I tried in the past. Some time went by and Jeff asked me how I felt. I told him that I felt really good but it had only been a few days. After a couple weeks I realized that Jeff and his engineering team created something special because my back pain seemed to be entirely gone. I could not believe it. I told Jeff that I definitely believed whatever I was taking was working.

My back pain was pretty much non-existent.

It was simply hard to believe. I could sit down for long periods at a time and not get sore...I could stand for long periods at a time and not get sore...I could wake up in the morning and not feel the soreness I was so used to feeling every morning for years.

It really was an exciting time. I finally had a solution to my back pain and Jeff had an exciting new product to offer his customers.

Anyway to make the end of a long story short, I found an answer to my back pain and Jeff asked me to be involved in the promoting of the back pain remedy. I started talking to back pain sufferers and people would contact me after using the Back Relief Elite saying really incredible things.

I thought If I could help people with back pain, why couldn't I help bursitis sufferers?

It just made sense to try and come up with a new and more powerful formula specifically designed to help bursitis sufferers.

The way I see it is I had an obligation to help people especially those with concerns about the warning labels for stomach and cardiovascular problems on the bottles in their medicine cabinets and after hearing from, talking to, and receiving feedback from chronic back pain, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and herniated disc sufferers pretty much everyday for a few years I was confident we could help bursitis sufferers too!


I teamed up with my buddy Jeff AGAIN to help you
end your bursitis pain and inflammation just like
Back Relief Elite has done for so many back pain,
sciatica, and spinal stenosis sufferers...

Together with the Jeff's brilliant team we created a very effective product designed to help bursitis sufferers get rid of the pain, with your entire health in mind.

We created a product so effective that it's 100% guaranteed to impress you by making you feel so much better. And unlike the expensive prescription and over-the-counter medicines, this natural remedy will also allow you to eliminate the risks of heart attack, stroke, and ulcers. In fact, it even protects and bolsters your immune system. It's truly something I am very proud of and you are gonna love it!.

We like to call this safe, all-natural and highly-effective product...

Ultimate Bursitis Relief Premium Pain Remedy.

natural relief and treatment for bursitis pain, a great bursitis remedy

Now allow me to show you why Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ for hip bursitis pain is right for you!

I'm sure you will be convinced once you read this. If you really want a solution to your bursitis pain and inflammation or any pain and inflammation, you would be crazy not to try Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ for hip bursitis pain completely risk-free and without any autoshipments or other stuff like that which other companies do to customers, we only ship orders to people who personally order them so you never have to worry about autoshipments or anything like that with us.

Now I should preface before we get started about the remedy for your hip pain: Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ details...

First I'm not a doctor. And I don't say that in a self-detrimental way either. I consider most doctors to be narrow-minded in regards to recognizing alternative remedies available to their patients. Many doctors think that pumping patients full of drugs is the best way to help people when in many cases it can only temporarily solve the problem or make it much worse. I'm sure many of you already can relate to this. I'm not giving out medical advice here either. Legally I can't. I'm just trying to help you understand your problem with bursitis pain and inflammation so you can make an informed decision...to make the right decision for you. I truly 100% believe the right decision is to use Ultimate Bursitis Relief for many reasons but don't worry about that now, let me tell you some important stuff first...

What is the true cause of your bursitis pain and inflammation?

The true cause of your bursitis pain is...

Prostaglandins are the true cause of your pain and inflammation. What are those you say? Well, they are similar to a hormone. I like to call them pg's. Your body sends prostaglandins to a location in your body that is damaged whic causes inflammation then pain.

For instance, just the other day I was playing catch with a baseball.

True story. The ball short-hopped me and hit me right on the shin. Ouch! I looked down and saw a huge bump almost immediately. That bump was from prostaglandins. My body sent the prostaglandins to the site of the damage (my shin). An overabundance of prostaglandins is what caused inflammation or the bump to appear on my leg. Well...

Bursitis and inflammation work the same way.

Let's say you are playing a long game of tennis or perhaps you are an avid swimmer. You might slowly damage a tendon that leads to irritation of the bursa sac at the shoulder joint. Your body sends prostaglandins to the site of the damage. Pain and inflammation occur. Hello bursitis!

But why does your body send prostaglandins to the site of damage?

Your body sends them to the site to attract white blood cells. White blood cells are the little soldiers for the immune system. They simply go to the area of inflammation to repair the damage and guard against infection.

So now we know what causes pain and inflammation.

This is the first step in figuring out how to beat your bursitis. So what's next? Well, you need to understand how prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications work.

Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications a.k.a. NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) are specifically designed to lower your prostaglandin levels in order to reduce inflammation and pain.

You might be familiar with Cox 2 inhibitors.

Cox 2 inhibitors is just a fancy way of saying Vioxx, Bextra, or Celebrex. All but Celebrex were recently banned from the market by the FDA after it was unveiled that these prescription medicines pose serious heart attack and stroke risks. Celebrex is still on the market but it contains a large black warning about these same risks. The FDA then mandated that some very popular over-the-counter pain relievers also contain a black warning label for risks of heart attack and stroke. We'll get to the reasons for this in a minute.

But what really is a Cox 2 inhibitor?

I'm glad you asked. Cox 1 and Cox 2 are enzymes in your body.

Cox 1 releases "good" prostaglandins that among other things are mainly responsible for proper kidney function and supplying your stomach with a protective lining of mucous.

Cox 2 releases the "bad" prostaglandins or pg's to a damaged part of your body to fight infection. The prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers shut down or drastically inhibit the activity of the Cox 2 enzyme.

In other words, they prevent the Cox 2 enzymes from releasing pg's so you don't have inflammation and so you don't have pain.

Many of the over-the-counter meds also inhibit the activity of the Cox 1 enzyme.

This is bad because the Cox 1 enzyme supports the stomach and kidneys. This may explain why some people who take these drugs have stomach or kidney related problems. Go look at your typical pain reliever that you have in your medicine cabinet. Look very closely at the warning labels. It most likely will have something on there about the risk of stomach problems such as bleeding, heartburn, or ulcers. This is because these drugs inhibit the activity of the Cox 1 enzyme to make the lining which protects your stomach.

*In the United Kingdom, a study showed the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding for NSAIDs users.

For people 16-45 years of age, 1 out of 2100 suffered gastrointestinal bleeding after using NSAIDs for one year. For adults 75 and over, 1 out of 110 suffered gastrointestinal bleeding. The study also reported the chance of dying from a gastrointestinal bleed. For people ages 16-45, 1 in 12,353 died. For people 75 years and older, 1 in 647 died from a gastrointestinal bleed.

Helfand M, Peterson K, Carson Sm. Drug Class Review on NSAIDs
Final Report: http://www.ohsu.edu/drug effectiveness/reports/documents/NSAIDs
Final Reportu2.pdf2004 

Vioxx was supposed to only inhibit the Cox-2 enzyme so the chances of gastrointestinal bleeding, irritation, or ulcers would be greatly reduced.

Well, Vioxx appeared to do that but there was a problem. The problem was that the Cox-2 enzyme is not all bad. It plays a key part in dilating blood vessels, preventing blood clots, and protecting the overall cardiovascular system. Vioxx inhibited this protective action of the Cox-2 enzyme thus raising people's risks for heart attack and stroke. This is why Vioxx was finally pulled from the market. Too many people suffered ill effects such as a heart attack or stroke from this drug. Soon after Vioxx, Bextra was also pulled from the market and Celebrex is under close scrutiny.

Most over-the-counter and prescription drugs may also slow the body's ability to repair itself and weaken or compromise its immune system.

This is because many drugs drastically inhibit the COX-2 enzyme that controls the release of prostaglandins. Without prostaglandins, white blood cells can't get to the site of inflammation and do their job of repairing damage and fighting infection. Over time this could lead to diseases or serious health problems.

To quickly sum things up…

Over-the-counter pain relievers pose health risks to the stomach and kidneys. Mostly all over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription pain relievers pose some risk for heart attack and stroke, and may slow the body's ability to repair itself and fight infection.

Besides medicine, what else can we do to effectively fight and end bursitis pain?

There's a lot you can do. Most importantly and especially if you use over-the-counter or prescription meds, you need to educate yourself. You need to do your own research and make the right decision for you. And you shouldn't just take my word for it or even the word of your doctor. I hear doctors say there isn't enough evidence against over-the-counter meds or some prescription meds for people to stop taking them. Do you really want to take that chance. Is it worth risking your life over some pain relief?

Take a good look at your diet!

Nutrition alone possesses simple but amazing solutions for pain relief. As a believer in natural solutions for whatever ails the human body, it would be a crime if I forgot to talk about nutrition. Just dropping a few sweets from your daily diet might be all you need to finally get rid of your nasty inflammation and pain. This is because sugar raises your insulin levels. High insulin levels stir up "bad" prostaglandins which produce pain and inflammation.

No matter what, you should increase your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids!

This is because research shows that Omega-3 fatty acids improve your overall cardiovascular system. They act as a natural blood thinner to promote better circulation. They lower cholesterol and blood pressure. They are also shown to promote the "good" prostaglandins that actually reduce inflammation naturally. The best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids are found in salmon, herring, sardines, halibut, mackerel, and tuna. Canola oil, flaxseed oil, and leafy green vegetables are also good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

At the same time you should decrease your intake of Omega-6 fatty acids.

One of the reasons you may have severe bursitis or inflammation is because your balance of fatty acids is out of whack. As a society we consume way too many Omega-6 fatty acids. These are found in sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, and safflower oil. They are in margarine, salad dressing and mayonnaise. They are also known as saturated fats. So we need to cut down on the Omega-6 and increase the Omega-3. This will increase your level of "good" prostaglandins and decrease your level of "bad" ones and consequently improve your bursitis naturally.

Practice safe exercises and prevention techniques.

Be sure to warm up and cool down before and after exercising. Be sure to do a slow and controlled stretch during your exercises. Make sure your equipment is not too heavy and try to avoid awkward positions and incorrect repetitive motions that may put unnecessary strain on your tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Try to avoid exercising in cold temperatures. Finally, try not to overdo it or exercise too frequently which may lead to injury, pain, and inflammation.

Your body needs prostaglandins because they serve numerous functions.

Yes as I stated right above your body does need prostaglandins but drugs like over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription pain relievers take it to the extreme. It's almost all or nothing for them. By wiping out the prostaglandins that cause inflammation, they also hurt your body's ability to fight infection and heal damaged joints and cartilage in certain areas. Remember the white blood cells. They are attracted to prostaglandins. If there aren't enough prostaglandins, then your immune system can't properly do its job. Over time, this can lead to more serious infection and other diseases.

Don't forget about the heart attack and stroke risks!

These drugs also hamper your body's ability to prevent blood clots. This is because some prostaglandins play a key role in dilating blood vessels and clearing a smooth path for your circulatory system.

You need to find a balance!

In a way, it is similar to a campfire. For example, let's imagine we are camping and we are building a fire. We don't want a fire too big because it will burn down the camp. On the other hand, we don't want to put out the fire either. We want a nice medium or a balance so we can stay warm and comfortable and (Ha-Ha) cook marshmallows.

Now imagine the fire is in our bodies.

It is the burning pain we feel from bursitis. We want to put the fire out but still protect our cardiovascular system and immune system. We don't want to go overkill on the prostaglandins. We need to find a nice equilibrium of good and bad. Only then will we find the best and the right solution for bursitis pain.

The right solution to your hip bursitis is Ultimate Bursitis Relief™!

Ultimate Bursitis Relief is a non-addictive, all-natural pain reliever that is without side effects, plus it has helped many bursitis pain sufferers feel much better by getting rid of the inflammation which takes away the pain.

There are 4 main reasons why Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ is best for you!

1. It has several natural anti-inflammatories that promote a good balance between the "good" prostaglandins and the "bad" prostaglandins. In other words, you have a "controlled campfire" where your inflammation and pain are diminished but your body can still perform its necessary functions.

2. It contains natural blood thinners that increase blood circulation so your area of inflammation heals faster. This also guards against blood clots that may cause a heart attack or stroke.

3. It has natural ingredients that also act as immune boosters so your immune system is still hard at work to quickly repair damaged joints and cartilage while protecting you from infection and disease.

4. It naturally and safely alleviates you from pain and inflammation the right and safe way!

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ Premium Pain Remedy:
  • No prescription required
  • 100% All-natural
  • Helps to eliminate inflammation and pain
  • Supports your immune system
  • Completely safe
  • No reported side effects
  • Non-addictive except that it makes you feel much better
  • Does not carry the risks of heart attack, stroke, and ulcers
  • Includes a special exclusive "Ultimate" proprietary blend to give you maximum relief from bursitis pain
  • Created and manufactured in the United States under strict U.S. F.D.A. policies and standards plus each batch goes through 5 vigorous quality checks to ensure each tablet is the best quality possible
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee with no time-limit like other companies say 30 days for the most part, but with Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ the guarantee is for as many days as you need to get through your bottles. Say goodbye to your hip pain from bursitis inflammation.
  • Can literally change your life as it has already done for many bursitis pain sufferers
natural relief and treatment for bursitis pain, a great bursitis remedy

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™







Just Look At What Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ Has Already Done For People With Bursitis:

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ FEEDBACK "Hi Mike I would like to say that the product really helped me. I plan to reorder soon. I play tennis about 2 or 3 times a week now. Before I had a really hard time coming over the top with my shoulder. My doctor said it was bursitis and told me to take ibuprofen or advil. I saw your website and ordered. Now I'm sending you this testimonial because I must recommend your product to others."
Jane M., Houston, TX

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ FEEDBACK "I've had a problem with the bursa sac in my knee for several months. Some days it has been torture to walk or get around anywhere. The Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ helped me in about a day from using it. Thank you so much. I use it everyday and it works all the time."
Janice W., St. Albans, Great Britain

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ FEEDBACK "Ultimate Bursitis Relief has helped a great deal. I am 69 years of age and walked using a cane because of constant pain. I take 4 tablets of the bursitis relief and am painfree. I am very happy with your product."
Max M., Homer, AK

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ FEEDBACK "Thank you so much for letting me try your Ultimate Bursitis Relief. I used to suffer with chronic pain. I'm a builder who was in a lot of pain. All I can say is Wow!!! What a difference your product makes. Once again, thanks so much."
Dave S., Safford, AZ

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ FEEDBACK
"My name is Rhea. I was diagnosed with bursitis by my doctor. One of my hobbies is to paint landscapes on a canvas. I'm 56 years old and it was only getting worse. It scares me to know that one day I might have to give up painting. When I first tried the Ultimate Bursitis Relief I was very skeptical because I had never heard of it before. The results were astronomical. It was as if I had gone back in time about 15 years. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!"
Rhea B., Santa Fe, NM

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ FEEDBACK "I can't believe this stuff works. For years I've been wasting money on prescriptions. This bursitis relief has made me a believer in natural remedies. I am no longer bothered with pain all day. I've told all my friends about it and how it's helped me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you!"
Val G., Elmira, NY

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ FEEDBACK "I suffer with bursitis. I've tried several medications with really no true answer for my the pain. I came across your website one night when I couldn't sleep and wanted to give your product a shot. In just a couple days I noticed how my swelling greatly diminished. My knees are feeling so much better. Just last week, I walked the mall with my daughter and I feel great."
Sue H., Belfast, Great Britain

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ FEEDBACK "I'm a retired construction worker. Been retired now for about 10 years. My bursitis is real bad in hips and shoulders. I guess the years of hauling buckets of cement caught up to me. Before I used your great product I didn't know just how bad I had it. I'm able to do more work now around my house now too. Thanks."
James B., Naples, FL

We also receive short statements via email very often from customers, here are a few:

"Ultimate Bursitis Relief has been very helpful."
Carol C., Calgary, Alberta CA

"I use Ultimate Bursitis Relief because it truly helps me to manage my pain."
Jodie C., Greenacres, WA

"Great results with Ultimate Bursitis Relief. Fantastic product."
Norman T., Victoria Australia

"I ordered Ultimate Bursitis Relief and it helped me a lot."
Judy E., Reno, NV

The Exclusive Formula Of Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ (over 3,700 mg of natural anti-inflammatories and pain-relievers per serving):

  • GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is popularly referred to as the body's natural tranquilizer. It is an amino acid produced in the brain. It acts as a neurotransmitter--a chemical that fosters communication between nerve cells--and helps to keep stress-related nerve impulses at bay. This relieves the intensity of pain. It may also have a role to play in preventing seizures and allaying chronic pain.

  • Glucosamine helps to relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling. Studies indicate that sufferers experience improved range of motion after taking glucosamine. Others report increased overall mobility. And several studies suggest that glucosamine may be as effective in easing pain and inflammation--and not nearly as irritating to the stomach--as the NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) typically recommended for osteoarthritis.

  • Boswellia is used to reduce inflammation. Unlike conventional NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen--the accepted treatments for joint inflammation -- boswellia doesn't seem to cause stomach irritation. It is also effective for back pain and certain chronic intestinal disorders.

  • Devil's Claw is a plant found in the deserts of southern Africa. It remains unclear just how devil's claw works to reduce inflammation and pain but it does. The latest findings indicate that the plant does not exert anti-inflammatory effects in the same way that many standard anti-inflammatory medications do. Yet studies still point to painkilling and anti-inflammatory actions. A handful of studies support the use of devil's claw for easing the inflammation and pain that often afflict people.

  • Bromelain is particularly useful for reducing muscle and tissue inflammation and as a digestive aid. Supplements are made from enzymes found in the pineapple stem. Bromelain is a natural blood thinner and anti-inflammatory. It works by breaking down fibrin, a blood-clotting protein that can impede good circulation and prevent tissues from draining properly. Bromelain also blocks the production of compounds that can cause swelling and pain. When inflammation is reduced, blood can move more easily to a traumatized area, easing pain and speeding healing. * If you take blood thinners, please check with your doctor before taking Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ because Bromelain is a natural blood thinner.

  • Turmeric (Circuma longa) is best known as a spice that gives a distinctive flavor and yellow color to curry powder and mustard. It is a member of the ginger family and has long been used for healing.The anti-inflammatory compounds in turmeric appear to ease inflammation. This makes it potentially useful for relieving the inflammation in wrist and hand joints associated with arthritis, for example. In India, curcumin, a component of turmeric is considered a standard anti-inflammatory medication.

  • Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is revered around the world for its pungent taste. It is a natural spice that is also widely prized for its medicinal properties. Ginger helps indirectly to relieve chronic pain by reducing inflammation and, particularly when taken in standardized extract form, by lowering the body's level of natural pain-causing compounds called prostaglandins.

  • Yucca is used today to treat inflammations caused by degenerative diseases like arthritis and rheumatism. The authors of a study looking at patients with osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis speculate that Yucca saponins block the release of toxins from the intestines, which tends to inhibit normal formation of cartilage.

  • Boron is a mineral that aids in the production of natural steroid compounds within the body, which is necessary for healthy bones and muscle growth. It is also vital for the metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. This mineral is found naturally in apples, carrots, grapes, dark green leafy vegetables, raw nuts, pears, and whole grains.

  • Vitamin D If the body does not have an adequate amount of vitamin D, it will extract calcium from bones and cartilage which over time leads to osteoporosis.

  • Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that is summoned from the body's fatty tissue where it's stored. It protects cells by deactivating or destroying the potentially damaging oxygen molecules called free radicals.

  • Try it today and experience something that truly works.

Hi...I'm back!

Hopefully, by now you are convinced. I hope you do see there is another solution to your bursitis pain or inflammation in general. There are better alternatives out there besides prescription or over-the-counter pain relievers that are much simpler and safer for you.

You don't have to compromise your immune system or cardiovascular health.

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ is a safe and great alternative to these drugs because it safely relieves inflammation while still allowing your body to protect itself from infection and maintain a strong cardiovascular system without the risks of stroke and heart attack. I can't put it any better than that.

Let me share with you an article in Newsweek.

The cover of the magazine reads "Your Health In The 21st Century." In this particular issue is an article called "Quieting A Body's Defenses." It is about inflammation and ways of treating it. You may have read it yourself. Greg Cole, a professor of medicine and neurology at UCLA stated that "while drugs usually block a single target molecule and reduce its activity dramatically, natural anti-inflammatories generally tweak a broader range of inflammatory compounds." In a direct quote, he says, "You'll get greater safety and efficacy reducing five inflammatory mediators by 30% than reducing one by 100 percent"(p.28).

This means we can't afford to interrupt key activities in our body that protect us from infection and the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Prescription drugs and over-the-counter pain relievers put us at risk by shutting down too much. The Cox-2 inhibitors inhibit too much. We need to be smarter. We can do that by educating ourselves on natural alternatives. We need to take better care of ourselves by exercising and sticking with a sound nutrition plan. You can start today to get rid of your inflammation by what you have just learned.

In conclusion, don't forget to watch your sugar and eat more Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Sugar leads to insulin and insulin leads to "bad" pg's which is only going to make bursitis worse. An increase in your Omega-3 fatty acids will help promote more "good" prostaglandins and give you the right balance you want. You should get these from whole foods such as salmon and tuna.

Of course, don't forget Ultimate Bursitis Relief™™!

Now is the time to get a safe and natural alternative for your bursitis pain or your inflammation in general. Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ offers a safe way to lower prostaglandins without affecting your immune system...without slowing down your body's ability to repair cartilage...without the risks of ulcers... and without the risks of heart attack and stroke.

5 Reasons Why
Ultimate Bursitis Relief™
Is More Effective Than Other Products.

1) You will not find a more complete EFFECTIVE formulation of natural ingredients anywhere. Nothing else you will find at your local stores including GNC or online is even somewhat comparable.

2) It offers several natural and proven anti-inflammatories that calm your body's inflammatory responses but still allows your body to perform key necessary functions that protect you from heart disease, stroke, and ulcers.

3) The formula also protects and even boosts your immune system to thwart off potential disease and infection.

4) It is completely all-natural and without the risks and side effects you will commonly find in prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

5) It promotes blood circulation so you heal faster and calms several anti-inflammatory mediators in your body instead of just one to give you long-lasting, soothing relief for your bursitis and inflammation.

natural relief and treatment for bursitis pain, a great bursitis remedy

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™
Premium Pain Remedy

Bottom line is Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ is a fantastic alternative to over-the-counter and prescription drugs because it safely relieves pain and inflammation while still allowing your body to repair damaged tissue, protect itself from infection, and maintain a strong cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract without the risks of stroke, heart attack, and ulcers. I can't put it any better than that.

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That's right...right now. If you are longing for a safe and effective alternative to prescription and over-the-counter medicines for your bursitis pain and inflammation you must do it today with Ultimate Bursitis Relief™. This fantastic natural remedy is guaranteed to give you much needed relief wherever you suffer from burning bursitis pain and inflammation without dangerous risks and side effects.

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I look forward to hearing your success story with Ultimate Bursitis Relief™!

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*The results and benefits stated represent what is "possible" by using Ultimate Bursitis Relief™™. The actual results may vary from one individual to another. Because of this it is impossible to guarantee specific benefits that you will receive. However, when you use Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ ™, we GUARANTEE you will be 100% satisfied and thrilled with your results or we will return 100% of your purchase price including the original cost of shipping. That’s how confident we are that you will be totally satisfied with Ultimate Bursitis Relief™™ Premium Pain Remedy.

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*The results and benefits stated represent what is "possible" by using Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ for hip bursitis pain. The actual results may vary from one individual to another. Because of this it is impossible to guarantee specific benefits that you will receive. However, when you use Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ for hip bursitis pain, we GUARANTEE you will be 100% satisfied and thrilled with your results or we will return 100% of your purchase price including the original cost of shipping. That’s how confident we are that you will be totally satisfied with Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ Premium Pain Remedy.

Important Testimonial Disclaimer: *The testimonials / feedback on this website are from real arthritis pain sufferers / people just like you who found Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ Premium Pain Remedy and purchased it on the Internet. However as a disclaimer you should not expect to receive these same results because every person is different. You will experience your own unique results and benefits from Ultimate Bursitis Relief™ Premium Pain Remedy.

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